CS5 with 2 stationary panels, Satin Nickel

Century’s most popular line of shower doors makes luxury affordable

Centec bypass doors feature 1/4″ or 3/8″ glass, on frameless sliding glass doors. The Centec Select & Centec Premier offer the barn door style look, while the Centec Tub or Stall Bypass models offer a more classic profile and continue to be the most popular Century door.

Centec hinged doors feature 1/4″ glass and are considered semi-frameless; the door is framed on two sides and the panels/sidelights feature a narrow profile frame. Centec Hinged enclosures are available with the classic continuous pivot hinge (Centec Hinge (CH)) or a set of patch hinges (Centec Crossover Hinge (CHX)), for a more “frameless” look. All models feature custom anodized aluminum extrusions and through the glass 6″ handle pulls.

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Centec Traditional Semi-Frameless Sliders (CT/CS)

By far the most popular door we sell, these doors are offered for tub and stall heights, in a variety of finishes and glass types, featuring a heavy aluminum header for stability and through the glass towel bars.

Centec Barndoor Style Sliding Doors (Centec Select & Centec Premier)

These are newer additions to the Centec line, and were added due to the growing popularity of this style of rolling door. The Centec Select features a single sliding door and fixed panel, while the Premier offers the barndoor style look on a bypass unit. Both units feature stainless steel hardware and 3/8″ glass.

Centec Semi-Frameless Hinge Models w/ Pivot Hinge (CH)

Centec Hinge (CH) models feature a pivot hinge along the length of the door, and are perfect for a variety of stall height enclosures, including corner units or neo-angle bases/modules.

Centec Semi-Frameless Hinge Models w/ Patch Hinges (CHX)

Centec Crossover Hinge (CHX) models were introduced more recently as another option, with a little less metal than the standard CH models. These units feature 2 patch hinges on the door and, just like CH models, can fit a variety of stall height openings.

Glass Upgrade Options

Glass Option: Aqualite
Glass Option: Bubble
Glass Option: Cast
Glass Option: Niagara
Glass Option: Reeded
Glass Option: Stipolite

Available Finishes


Aluminum Finish: Pearl White
Pearl White
Aluminum Finish: Silver Anodized
Silver Anodized
Aluminum Finish: Matte Black
Matte Black
Aluminum Finish: Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome
Aluminum Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Aluminum Finish: Gold Anodized
Gold Anodized
Aluminum Finish: Satin Nickel
Satin Nickel

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