The Beauty of ShowerGuard Glass Endures

ShowerGuard® glass is protected by a permanent coating that fills in the natural peaks and valleys of the glass surface, creating a protective barrier against dirt and grime. The result is brilliantly clear glass that is guaranteed to retain its like-new look.

New uncoated glass

Standard glass after exposure to typical shower conditions

ShowerGuard glass after exposure to typical shower conditions

Only ShowerGuard® glass enclosures look like new for a lifetime.

Hard water, heat, humidity, soap and even cleaning agents can spot, discolor and corrode the surface of ordinary glass, making it look dull over time. ShowerGuard glass provides permanent, proven protection. It stays beautiful for a lifetime—guaranteed.

ShowerGuard glass is permanently sealed for lasting beauty with minimal care. Using patented ion-beam technology, an invisible protective coating is fused to the surface, filling the peaks and valleys that occur naturally in glass. The result is a smooth surface highly resilient to the soap and hard water buildup that dulls and etches ordinary, uncoated glass.


Resists heat, humidity and hard water damage

  • ShowerGuard glass stays beautifully clear and offers permanent protection
  • Protective coating is fused to the glass during manufacturing using patented ion-beam process
  • Glass surface is permanently sealed, preventing corrosion and preserving like-new beauty


Superior value to protect your shower enclosure

  • Protective coating endures without hassle and limited special care
  • Preferred to wipe-on, spray-on protectants, which need reapplication


In independent laboratory testing, ShowerGuard glass outperformed spray-on and wipe-on products. Only ShowerGuard glass could be cleaned after extended exposure to hard water with dissolved minerals.


Unlike spray-on products, the protection of ShowerGuard never breaks down and never needs to be reapplied. And unlike other so-called permanent protection products, ShowerGuard is backed by a robust lifetime limited warranty.