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What’s the difference between framed, semi-framed, and frameless shower enclosures?

When deciding between different types of glass shower enclosures, it’s important to understand framed vs. semi-framed vs. frameless showers. Here’s a quick comparison:

What are framed shower enclosures?

As the name suggests, framed shower enclosures have a metal frame surrounding the glass. This is usually the most cost-effective glass shower choice. Framed shower enclosures come in aluminum as well as plated brass, and have many glass options to match the design of the bathroom. Framed shower enclosures can either slide or have hinged doors.

What is a semi-frameless shower enclosure?

Semi-frameless have limited metal surrounding the glass and perimeter. These glass shower enclosures can offer a similar look to a frameless glass shower at a more moderate price.

What are frameless shower enclosures?

Typically more expensive than framed and semi-frameless options, frameless glass showers have hinges directly on the glass for a more sleek, minimal look. Frameless shower enclosures do not slide, as this would require a frame. It’s more labor intensive to install a frameless shower, so installation costs are often higher than framed or semi-frameless shower enclosures.

If you’re considering installing a glass shower enclosure of any type, browse through our product catalog and then find a dealer near you to learn more.

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