Lucette 1628 with Gridworks, Matte Black

Trend Alert: Framed Matte Black Shower Enclosures with Grids

This unique look has been popping up in many interior design magazines and blogs recently: glass shower enclosures with matte black frames and grids. Depending on how you style it, a versatile black framed shower can fit with may different types of decor from crisp modern to industrial or even rustic farmhouse.

Why choose a black framed shower enclosure?

Many glass shower enclosures, particularly those without frames, are designed to blend into the room – but a black framed shower with a grid is a statement by itself. A matte black shower can also be a nice way to add definition to a space that might otherwise be too open. Matte black shower enclosures can be styled in a multitude of ways, so they won’t look dated if you redecorate. Lastly, matte black framed shower enclosures, especially those with a grid, are a great way to blend interior and exterior style – if your home features black framed windows or doors, a matching matte black shower enclosure with a gird can be a subtle yet effective tie-in.

Selecting a Framed Matte Black Shower Enclosure

Since a shower enclosure with matte black framing is a statement piece, it’s crucial to select a quality product and ensure it’s installed properly. At Century Bathworks, we have our own paint room so we can match the specific color you need. We also a wide variety of textured glass options. In addition, we offer grids in 1/4” framed and 3/8” framed products such as hinged shower doors, sliding shower doors, and stationary panels.

Century Bathworks has been manufacturing and installing quality glass shower enclosures since 1946 – contact us today to learn how we can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

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