The Matte Black Trend

You’ve probably seen more and more products with matte black finishes over the last couple of years, whether it be cars or cell phones, luxury credit cards or kitchen appliances. Many interior design sites also indicate that matte black has become popular for fixtures and hardware around the home, whether it be kitchen cabinets, window frames, or faucets. And, based on what we’ve seen, it seems that this trend has also reached shower door finishes, particularly framed units with Gridworks (pictures below). Here at Century, we have a fully equipped paint room to ensure that all painted parts and pieces for a particular shower door match. We are able to do this because we bring in the majority of aluminum extrusions in finish that is prepped for painting. Though there are a few models which we are not currently able to paint, the vast majority of models and configurations can be painted matte black, or a whole host of other colors. We even offer custom color matching.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a shower door with matte black Gridworks or even a frameless Glasstec unit with just a touch of matte black, Century Bathworks can help- contact your local dealer today!

Matte Black Gridworks on Lucette Bypass Shower DoorMatte Black Gridworks on Lucette Spray Panel

  1. Audra Schlesinger

    How would be the best way to clean these matte black shower door frames so as to not damage them?

  2. Century Bathworks

    Hi Audra, We recommend the glass cleaner Sprayway, as it has the least toxic ingredients. We’ve tested this on different models and finishes, and this cleaner doesn’t remove the finish, so is the safest to use.


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