The Importance of Protective Glass Coating

Save time and money by applying a protective glass coating to your shower door.

Its always a challenge to clean shower doors, but that doesn’t mean you have to use powerful cleansers made with ammonia, bleach and other harsh chemicals. Without much trouble you can effectively clean shower doors in ways that are much safer for your family.

What happens when glass is exposed to hard water, shampoo chemicals, soap scum and environmental elements? Once stains are on the glass they are almost impossible to remove unless the surface is protected with a low maintenance coating. Untreated glass is porous and as a result absorbs mineral deposits and soap scum making it more difficult to clean. Although most glass appears to have a smooth surface the reality is glass by nature has microscopic peaks and valleys in virtually every surface. Over time, glass can discolor and etching can occur.

The glass coating is ultra thin and completely adheres to the surface and provides protection that will repel both water and oil based stains. Similar to a non-stick fry pan, cleaning is made easier using only water and mild detergent with a damp microfiber cloth helping to prevent build up of mold and harmful bacteria promoting a germ-free environment.

The benefit is less cleaning, a more hygienic surface and a cleaner environment where harsh chemicals are not used. Century offers Diamon Fusion, as a protective glass coating. Click here to learn more.

  1. William Marvin

    we are interested in buying your CS-5 tub enclosure, is the glass coating applied to both sides of the glass door?
    thank you
    William Marvin

  2. Century Bathworks

    We offer two different types of glass coating both of which are applied to both sides of the glass on this particular enclosure. The coating that has the best warranty is the Diamon Fusion which is lifetime, Enduroshield has a warranty that is 10 years. A series of registration numbers are given to the end user at time of purchase so that it can be registered with the the glass coating manufacturer. They both perform the same and the cost is the same, however they are applied differently. In either case a certain amount of maintenance is required.

  3. Piers Powell

    I have really enjoyed browsing your blog post Importance of Glass Coating and shower door safer for your family. It is very useful information. Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. Hayden James

    Absolutely great! and nice instructions as well….

  5. Millie Hue

    Thanks for helping me understand that this kind of coating is going to keep you from the need to clean it that much. As you said, you will only need water and mild detergent with this coating. I will definitely get this done to my windows since the house we’ve moved into has huge glass windows since it is somewhat modern-looking.

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