Should you install your own glass shower door, or hire a professional?

Installing a glass shower enclosure may seem like a simple, straightforward job – but even an experienced handyman can have trouble. Here are some things to consider before deciding to DIY a glass shower door:

Knowledge of Glass Door Shower Installation Techniques

There are many things to consider when installing glass, especially when it needs to fit in a precise space. An experienced handyman may be able to figure it out with trial and error, but a professional shower door installer has been trained in all these nuances and can do it correctly the first time.

Correcting Glass Door Shower Installation Problems as They Arise

A professional shower door installer will know how to face most challenges that arise during installation – and if they cannot be corrected on the spot, he will have a contact at the factory to solve the problem quickly and efficiently, often at no additional cost to you.

Glass Door Shower Product Expertise

A factory-trained shower door installer knows each and every product inside and out. Even the most experienced DIYer would need to spend a lot of time reading shower door installation instructions in order to achieve a successful outcome. A professional shower installer has completed the process many times before, and can complete the process more quickly, correctly, and professionally than a general handyman.

Glass Door Shower Precision Fitting

If you attempt to measure the space, order a custom glass shower enclosure or glass shower door, and then find it to be the incorrect size once it arrives, it can be a very costly mistake. A professional shower installer will know how to ensure your glass shower enclosure is properly measured in the exact location specified without any errors.

Glass Door Shower Handling

Glass and metal can cause serious injury if handled incorrectly. Plus, until the glass shower enclosure is fully installed, it is quite fragile and can easily be damaged. A trained shower installer knows how to handle glass and metal products to ensure nothing gets scratched or nicked during installation.

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