Shower Door Glass Options

glass-showerShower Doors are an essential part of many bathrooms. No longer are your glass options clear or clear; now you can choose from a variety of glass types. If you are planning to purchase a frameless shower door for your home, it’s a good idea to understand the types of glass that are available to you. Clear glass is by far the most widely used glass choice. By selecting just the right materials for your glass installation, you can ensure that your doors provide you with both beauty and functionality.

Clear Glass doors are made of glass that is much like the glass used for windows except that it is thicker (3/8” or ½”). Depending on the manufacturing process, clear glass will have a greenish tint which is standard to the industry and is largely due to the iron content in the glass. This normal green tint can change how your shower tile looks and is most noticeable when looking at the glass piece from the edge; the thicker the glass gets, the darker the hue grows.

Low Iron Clear Glass – If you are shopping for a glass solution that will provide you with excellent visibility & clarity, you may want to choose low iron glass. Low iron glass is a different type of glass that allows more light than traditional glass to pass through it. With low iron glass your shower doors will be more optically clear, more colorless & more transparent giving you greater clarity. The difference may be subtle, but low iron glass creates a brighter, more visually pleasing edge that brings more light into your space.

Frosted or Patterned Glass – When you are seeking additional privacy, you may want to consider using frosted or textured glass. Frosted glass can be obtained by sandblasting the outside of the glass panel to create a fine texture. Frosting can also be obtained by a chemical process called acid etching. Textured glass adds a visual interest while making it more obscure so that it provides privacy. There are a multitude of textured glass options available today; too many to name. With so many choices, the shower door you decide on is anything but clear.

  1. Marie Watson

    Thanks for explaining some of the options for a glass shower door. I am thinking about remodeling my bathroom, and I would really like a glass shower. I think it might be fun to look into frosted or patterned glass since it can offer more privacy. I also like the idea of having a fun design to add to my bathroom’s aesthetic.

  2. Olivia Nelson

    I like your idea on how frosted glass showers can add a bit of privacy. I would imagine that it would be nice to not have completely clear shower doors. I’m looking for a new shower door so I’ll have to find someone that can offer frosted glass.

  3. Bernard Clyde

    I wasn’t aware of the different available options for glass types in a shower. I think shower doors can do more than just improve the look of your bathroom, too. Frequently we have water leak out from the curtains into the bathroom. Having a shower door can help to prevent this kind of spilling.

  4. Summy Daniels

    Thanks for your nice information. It will help me.

  5. Tiffany Locke

    Being able to choose from a variety of glass types is very useful. Knowing what you want for your shower door would probably help you with your decision. Selecting a shower door that will fit with your bathroom’s style would probably be useful as well.

  6. Hayden James

    very nice post Thanks For sharing 🙂 Shower door would probably help with you with your decision 🙂

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  8. Jenna Hunter

    My wife wants to get a new shower door this summer to spruce up our bathroom but I am not on board. It was eye-opening to know that it’s a good idea to understand the types of glass that are available to you. We will be sure to discuss our options with an expert before we do anything else.

  9. John Ferrell

    You said that there are a variety of glass types. If I was going to get glass doors in my bathroom I would want to know that it would be installed correctly. Maybe I should ask a professional for assistance when I am picking the glass that I want.

  10. Ricki Montaut

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  11. Gavin Ellison

    If you want to put shower doors, then it is necessary to know about them first. Shower doors come in a wide array of styles, sizes and sizes. This post is very beneficial for us. Thank you very much for this post.

  12. Kylie Dotts

    I thought it was interesting that you mentioned that glass for showers is glass for windows but just a bit thicker. I have always loved the look of glass showers and would really like to get one in my home. I think I’ll have to have my husband look around to see if there is someone close by who would be able to install one for us.

  13. Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for going over some of the different options there are for glass shower doors. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned that clear glass could possibly have a green tint to it due to the iron in it. It makes me really curious to learn more about how these are developed, and what other materials are in them.

  14. Wiktorjohnson

    Awesome article on door glass options , here in this article everything is described in a short and simple way , good content.

  15. Kayla

    I didn’t know that it’s a good idea to understand the types of glass that are available to you. My mom wants to remodel our bathroom but doesn’t have enough finances for it. My dad suggested having glass showers instead and shared this article with her.

  16. Burt Silver

    I really like what you said about shower doors and how they are an essential part of many bathrooms and how you talk about the different varieties of glass to choose from. My wife and I really like the way that a glass shower looks so we are thinking about remodeling our bathroom and buying some new glass panels to install in our bathroom. Hopefully, we can find some cool looking glass that would go well with our design plans.

  17. Kenny Likis

    It would be helpful if you included pictures of frosted and patterned glass.

  18. Lawrence Barnett

    I have been preparing a bathroom to remodel for a while now, and I have been looking into various options for shower screens. I hadn’t considered getting a frameless shower screen! I like how you mentioned; it allows you to display more of the tile work.

  19. Sam Li

    I like what you said about shower screens possessing both beauty and functionality. I think that shower screens can be a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to typical shower curtains. My wife and I are thinking about getting a nicer shower for our bathroom renovation and I think we’ll look into a shower screen that suits or desires.

  20. Kate Welling

    I appreciated your article talking about shower door options. I thought that it was interesting how you said shower doors can offer you beauty and functionality. I am remodeling my bathroom, so I want a shower screen that matches the style of the rest of my bathroom. I will find a glass company to help me figure out exactly what I want!

  21. Century Bathworks

    Hi Kate- we offer shower screens, in framed glass or frameless, heavy glass, and would be happy to assist you. Good luck with the remodel!

  22. Gillian Babcock

    My mom wanted to have a glass shower at home because it looks great. It was explained here that clear glass bathroom doors are thicker that used in windows. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire professionals for quality glass installation.

  23. Gillian Babcock

    My dad accidentally damaged the glass door of our bathroom and it badly needed repair. It was explained here that clear glass doors are made of glass and it’s thicker. Furthermore, it’s recommended to go to trusted professionals when considering glass installation.

  24. Michael Lee

    My wife and I are wanting to remodel our bathroom and change the shower doors. I like how the frosted glass doors look because they ensure privacy. I did not know that this is created through acids.

  25. Kate Welling

    I like the option of getting a shower door made of glass. It seems a lot more hygienic. I’d love to switch out my shower curtain for this.

  26. Sariah Meagle

    Wow, I never thought that shower doors are an essential part of any bathroom. I think I might have a residential service install a clear glass shower door in my bathroom since it’s a classic look. However, I might go with low iron clear glass as well since it offers good visibility.

  27. frameless shower door seals

    There are many type of glasses used in Shower door. You should choose the glass that will matched perfectly with your bathroom interior. Also choosing the right equipment for installing the shower door determines the functionality of your shower door. Frameless shower door seals should be choose cautiously as they are the indicator of beauty and functional capacity of shower doors.

  28. Callum Palmer

    I’m thinking about changing the type of shower I have. Currently, it’s one that uses a curtain. I’m wanting to go with one that has glass doors. As you said, there are different types to choose from so I’ll need to find something that I like.

  29. Randy Chorvack

    I didn’t know that glass has iron content in it! I thought glass was just made of melted sand. Is there a reason why the glass has iron in it?

  30. Ron Booker

    I found it interesting when you said that low iron clear glass doors are designed for a more visually pleasing edge that brings more light into your space. My mom mentioned something about wanting to change her shower door for a more luxurious one since she’s planning to sell the house. I’m going to let her know about the low iron glass door to consider as an option.

  31. Callum Palmer

    The shower I have is an old shower and bathtub combo. I’m looking to change this up and make them separate. Since the shower will be on its own, I’ll need to get glass for it. I do like how you mentioned some different types and of these types, I’ll probably go with clear glass.

  32. Century Bathworks

    Yes, as it is part of the normal manufacturing process. Thank you!

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