Elegant Hand-Crafted Medicine Cabinets

Keep your bathroom organized, Century offers a wide range of medicine cabinet sizes and styles.

If you are like most people your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your house. Its design is functional by nature. However, the contemporary bathroom is often greater than the sum of its uses. Todays bath is the center of your morning routine, or a refuge from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The bathroom is where you begin and end your day.

Clutter is your bathrooms worst enemy. We all have that one drawer or closet that makes us cringe every time we look at it. How do you double a room’s apparent space without making it any bigger?

Why not start with a fully recessed mirrored medicine cabinet. Because a recessed cabinet is installed between two studs in your wall, it adds storage and organizing space without taking up usable space. A fully recessed cabinet is especially advantageous at balancing function and style. Keep things off of countertops and out of site with convenient storage and organization. Concentrate on storing as much as you can in an organized easy accessible manner.

Adding a medicine cabinet will not only open up your bathroom, but will offer you a convenient way to store your items. With a huge variety available in our designs, shapes and sizes medicine cabinets are a great compliment wherever they are installed.

  1. Jason Strong

    A huge part to keeping your home or kitchen organized is having quality medicine cabinet. They can not only make your kitchen or bathroom look better, but they can help keep things tidy. I’ll have to look for one for my mom’s birthday that has these features.

  2. Nate Marciano

    I installed a 19″ by 30″ medicine cabinet myself and it went in smoothly and easily. I am amazed by how nice it looks. Quality is everywhere to be seen. In fact, I have not seen a medicine cabinet anywhere near as nice. Only thing I didn’t like was the label on the front of the mirror. It was hard to get the glue of the label off the mirror after repeated cleanings with a variety of cleaners. I finally got it off but I suggest using a label without such a powerful glue. Now I’m looking for a glass shelf for the bathroom. Does your company make one?

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