Color is important for setting mood

Whatever your personal style or taste, color is the key to unlocking the mood and feel of your home. Color is a strong motivator in our daily lives. It alters our moods and adds warmth and styling to any décor. Most designers agree that homeowners remodeling their bathrooms want to see some splashes of color. Color schemes vary with the style of the house, furnishings of rooms and the personal taste of the homeowner.

Use neutral colors to help tone down the sense of clutter in the bathroom or create a quiet calming ambiance by using soothing colors such as blues, greens or muted shades of other colors.

Today’s metal finish choices are no longer limited to just gold and silver . Century offers a myriad of fashion colors and finishes. Select one that will accent or coordinate with the room’s overall décor. Century can also custom color match any color that you desire. Pay close attention to the location of the shower enclosure because this could be the focal point in your decorating scheme.

Whether you choose framed or frameless, aluminum or brass the end result can be one of your best investments. Century’s design possibilities are limited only by your imagination, so let your creativity be your guide.

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