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glass-optionsGlass manufacturers are producing attractive and alluring glass options to suite any kind of bathroom decor and atmosphere. Century offers design possibilities limited only by your imagination, so choose the type of glass that goes with the look and feel that you desire. Offerings span from familiar textures to the highly unusual used for light control and privacy in bath enclosures as well as numerous decorative applications. Here is a look at some of the current glass trends…

Bisselex – Dark Frosted Glass Pattern obtained by an acid etch process


Bubble – Random bubble pattern of different shapes and sizes


Cascade – Pattern resembles tall blades of grass


Clear – No Pattern, visibly clear with normal iron content which gives a slightly green appearance


Geo – Geometric square dotted pattern. Only used in Sliders and Single Hinged Doors.


Glue Chip – Pattern resembles winter frost on a window, but is visibly clear


Monumental – Random Hammered Pattern Low Iron


Niagara – Gives the illusion of rain drops as it runs down a window.


Pattern 62 – Obscured pattern which resembles sand paper


Reed – Vertical Fluted Pattern which resembles stripes


Satin Etch – Light Frosted Glass Pattern obtained by an acid etch process


Spraylite – Random Hammered Pattern


Staphire – No Pattern, visibly clear with low iron content cutting down on the green appearance


Venetian – Combination of Etched & Clear low iron glass which has a louvered pattern


  1. Therese R Revesz

    The descriptions are nice, but photographs would actually be helpful to a customer trying to make a decision!!! And the pictures you have with faces really don’t cut it. Almost impossible to figure out what the glass really looks like.

  2. Century Bathworks

    We have improved this page by adding pictures for each glass type. We hope this will help you and other customers get a better idea of how it will look. Thank you.

  3. Donald A Vogel-Contractor

    Does Century still offer a hinged framed mirror shower door? I have a 30 3/8 opening.

  4. Linda

    The Lucette framed door L-1627 the panel is on the left side, the door handle is on the left and the door swings open to the right. Can the door be turned so the handle is on the right and the door swings open to the left? Thanks

  5. Century Bathworks

    We do still offer a hinged framed mirror shower door for a 30 3/8 opening. Thanks for your inquiry.

  6. Century Bathworks

    The Model L1627 Door & Panel is a universal design. The panel can be switched to either side and the door can be flipped clockwise or counterclockwise & be hinged either off of the wall or off of the panel. The drip pan which is mounted to the bottom of the door and catches the excess water is also a universal design. It is notched on both ends and the notched end fits around the hinge, the other end is cut during the installation.

  7. Anne

    Could you please comment on which of the glass options is LEAST likely to show mineral deposits? In other words, if I don’t want to squeegie the glass every single time someone in my house showers, which glass pattern is the best choice for me? Thanks.

  8. Century Bathworks

    Any glass option that is not routinely maintained will show some mineral/scale deposits. There are some options that cut down considerably on cleaning time. They are Diamon Fusion Coating, Enduroshield and Shower Guard. The Diamon Fusion and Enduroshield are much the same in terms of how they work. The Shower Guard is the best option, but also at the highest price.

  9. Delores Lyon

    Thanks for sharing all of these different shower glass designs and textures! I had no idea that there are so many types in the first place– who would’ve thought that you could get bubble and glass designs in your shower? If I had to choose a window design that would fit my bathroom the most, however, I’d pick the glue chip glass. That way, I would be able to keep a nice frosty feel without reducing visibility too much.

  10. Jordan Jorgenson

    Thanks for showing all of the glass options. I liked the “glue chip” pattern best. However, I like to have a clean bathroom, and I like my bathroom to be easy to clean. Would having a pattern on a shower door make them harder to clean?

  11. Century Bathworks

    On patterned glass the side facing into the shower area is smooth and the rough side faces out, so as far as patterned glass being more difficult to clean that is not the case. There are many environment factors that come into play when it comes to how much accumulates on the glass…There is a glass coating available which cuts down on the maintenance on the glass making it a little easier to maintain and keep clean.

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