Glasstec Shower and Tub Door Enclosures

America’s finest handcrafted, frameless tub and shower enclosures give your bathroom a look of elegance

Glasstec enclosures are sleek, clean and unrestricted with emphasis placed on quality construction. Unlimited options ensure a truly personalized bathroom. Choose the non-header, header, or slider system that best fits your application and style.

Non-Header Systems

glasstec-nonheader-hinges1GPW (solid brass) or GAPW (aluminum) wall mounted pivot hinges.


glasstec-nonheader-hinges2GGP – Glass to GlassPivot Hinges or GWP Wall Mount Pivot Hinges – Dual Acting Hinges


glasstec-nonheader-hinges3GG solid brass glass-to-glass dual-swing hinges allow you to mount a door to a fixed panel which runs 180 degrees in-line. Panel(s) can run full height or can be cut down with use of channels or clips.


glasstec-nonheader-hinges4GW solid brass wall mount hinges provide dual-swing flexibility.

Header Systems

glasstec-header-hingesGP (solid brass) and GAP (aluminum) hinges mount to a header and base for added stability.

Slider Systems

Glasstec sliders for tubs and stalls are handcrafted from solid brass and modeled after our popular aluminum Centec series. Specialty decorative plated finishes are available.