Care and Cleaning

Cleaning your Century Bathworks Shower


Anodized Aluminum & Painted Enclosures

Only Non-Abrasive, Non-Caustic Cleansers are recommended for cleaning Anodized Aluminum, as well as Painted Finishes

The following cleaning agents should be avoided:

  • Vinegar or vinegar based products
  • Abrasive or soft abrasive powders and liquids
  • Bleach or bleach based cleaners
  • Steel or Teflon pads

Plated Solid Brass Enclosures

Clean brass with clear water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleansers, strong general household cleansers, or brass polish formulations. Only “Flitz Metal Polish” can safely be used.

Clear Coated Polished Brass (GG & GW Hinges Only)

Use ONLY water and dry with a soft towel.

Glass Care

If your unit is treated with Diamon-Fusion, Century Bathworks suggests that you simply pour cool water along the top edge of the glass after each shower. Most of the soapy residue will run off. A dry washcloth will remove the few drops of water that remain. This will allow the maximum time between cleaning without permanent staining. If your enclosure is not maintained routinely, or you have hard water, it may be necessary to use a wet body scrubber (similar to those used with liquid body soaps) to lightly scrub away any water spots or marks and remove excess film.

If your unit is not treated with Diamon-Fusion, it is recommended that you clean after each use with a squeegee and dry with a towel. Comet Non-Abrasive Spray Cleaner may be used if needed for soap scum and hard water film should the enclosure not be maintained after each use.

General Information

Do not leave cleaning agents on your enclosure for an extended period of time. Although some cleaners are safe to use and wipe off immediately, the same cleaners can cause permanent damage if allowed to sit on metal surfaces.

Although Century shower enclosures will keep water inside the shower under normal conditions, it is recommended that you do not direct your shower head directly at the enclosure. This could cause water to escape.